Everyone who had a chance to get divorced at random without severe legal training had time to regret it many times. Years later, there comes an understanding of how many mistakes were made as a result of a frivolous approach to such a necessary procedure as a divorce.

After all, ignorance of the laws very often leads to the inhibition of such a painful process and, accordingly, causes extra pain for the unfortunate divorcing. Fortunately, most of the mistakes made do not lead to irreparable consequences.

Naturally, this occupation is not a pleasant one, so it is better to draw up a divorce according to all the rules from the very beginning.

This article has gathered the collective experience of many broken couples, which, together with the most relevant knowledge of the legal part of the issue, will help you to avoid the mistakes they have made and to conduct your divorce process in the most painless and quickest way, you will learn how to prevent outdated relationships. The collected information and advice are very relevant for the residents of our State because very few people in Indiana know even such basic things as how to start a divorce. Such information is already possessed by divorced people who have learned this lesson the hard way.

How to start a divorce?

Where should you start a divorce? As many as two chapters of the Family Code of Indiana State answer this question. The articles contained in them in their volume equal to five percent of the total array of the text of the code. Naturally, this article will not provide a full reproduction of information contained in the system regarding divorce. The purpose of this article is to give the reader a general idea of the issue and to warn against the dangers that threaten him on the divorce route.

The question of why almost every second marriage breaks up in Indiana is fascinating. Revealed a variety of reasons, declining couples to divorce:

•    the need to share the property with a wife or husband;

•    other household and material problems;

•    treason marriage partner, suspicion of her, a pronounced sense of jealousy;

•    constant quarrels and the impossibility of peaceful coexistence within the framework of marriage;

•    the unimaginable routine of the daily life of spouses, frosty relationship;

•    the appearance of a mistress or a new family with one of their spouses;

•    the disappearance of the feeling of love, previously binding marriage, from one or both spouses;

•    infertility of one of the spouses;

•    the manifestation of violence in family life.

Divorce through the registry office

If one of the spouses is not satisfied with the further stay in the marriage, he is entitled to apply for the dissolution of this legal status, linking him to another person. Statements often come simultaneously from both sides. If at least one spouse has filed such an application, the divorce procedure begins. It can be carried out both through the court and the registry office staff.

The second method is called administrative, it is more practical and quick execution, but its advantages have their roots in its shortcomings. This procedure is not suitable for all couples for them to be able to use it. They need to meet some criteria:

•    The absence of minor children.

•    Mutual consent of the spouses.

To testify their consent to the divorce, the spouses submit a jointly written statement. This document does not have to be created with the participation of both spouses. However, both of them are obliged to confirm their agreement with their content with their signatures. The autograph of the spouse who has not written the application should be notarized. Together with the application, the following documents are required:

•    Passports

•    Marriage certificate.

•    Receipts for payment of state duty.

One month after the submission of the application and other necessary documents, you can pick up the divorce certificate from the registry office. Before it is given to you, both spouses will be asked to confirm their intention to divorce. If they have not changed their opinion, they will not only be given a certificate but will also put a stamp on divorce in their passports.

It should be noted separately that divorce through the registry office does not solve all the problems that are likely to arise upon the dissolution of the marriage. So, the registry office is not engaged in the division of property, so if the couple did not have a marriage contract, and they failed to reach an agreement, then this issue will have to be resolved in court.

Nevertheless, the marriage is considered to be dissolved after the corresponding stamp is stamped in the passports of the spouses, and they sign that they have taken away the divorce certificates.

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