There is a saying that divorce is worth at least half of the entire acquired state. This statement means that during a divorce, all jointly acquired property is divided in half by the spouses unless otherwise provided by the marriage contract. Spending is not limited to the division of property.

The divorce procedure is very costly in finance since it is necessary to pay not only the state duty for divorce and filing a lawsuit, but also the services of lawyers, notaries, and appraisers.

Two Payments Categories

Generally, all the payments you should make are divided into the following categories:

Court filing fees.

Legal services you need to pay according to the contract with your lawyer.

As for the sums, then the amount of required payments rarely exceeds $500 approximately. The most significant part of the money is usually spent on lawyers who will help you to express your interest before the court. It is especially relevant in the case of a contested divorce when you need to fight for your rights. The amount you should spend in this case can even reach $10000 in the most complicated case.

Divorce Attorney Services

Lawyers can not only draw up lawsuits and agreements, select documents, but also represent the interests of the parties in court.

If the case is so complicated and burdened by unforeseen circumstances, and its successful resolution is a critical issue, you should seek the help of a professional lawyer.

The services of lawyers are expensive, but sometimes you can not do without them.

Additional Questions That Cost Money Too

In a divorce that occurs in court, there are many unforeseen expenses, even if both parties initiate the divorce.

The fact is that if there are minor children, you need to solve a lot of questions:

  • where and with whom the children will live;
  • how they will communicate with a separate parent;
  • the amount of alimony;
  • how they will be paid and so on.

Even if the couple agreed amicably, they would have to seal their contract on paper. Theoretically, this can not be done, leaving the whole agreement in words.

But then what to do if the ex-husband or wife refuses to pay alimony, or if he pays regularly, but this will not seem enough to the second spouse? Therefore, to ensure yourself against unpleasant surprises in the future, it is recommended that agreements be drawn up for all items that do not cause disputes.

This will also help to speed up the case: the judge will have to process fewer data.

Payment of Expert Assessment

You have to pay for it in the following cases:

  • if there are disputes over the value of the property;
  • if the cost of something is problematic (for example, repairs in an apartment or a share in a business);
  • if the court has appointed an examination;
  • at the request of the defendant who does not agree with the claims.

It is not necessary for the specialist to evaluate everything. It is necessary to divide all that does not cause disputes initially, and only then involve an appraiser.

In this case, the assessment objectives can be very different:

  • for the division of property strictly equally;
  • if the capital is physically indivisible (car, apartment, expensive necklace), then the amount of compensation that is paid to the second party is determined;
  • if you need to learn the market value of the property so that the spouses can sell it and divide the proceeds.

Payment in Favor of Mediators

There are situations when a court requires a divorcing couple to come to an agreement on their own and appear in court with ready-made decisions. This is an extreme case, and this procedure is implemented in situations where a couple is entirely not able to talk to each other soberly and calmly. In this case, the third party is involved as a regulator. It is logical that the longer the spouses argue among themselves and refuse to make contact, the cost of this person’s services will be higher in the end. Therefore, the reasonable way out of the situation would be to try to reach an agreement, at least to save money, so as not to increase the bill to pay for a divorce which in any case will not be small.

We wish you to maintain clarity of mind in the divorce process, but be prepared for unforeseen situations and expenses. Experienced attorneys will help you reduce the number of necessary payments as much as possible.

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